Freedom from Addiction, Hope for the Future

At New Life Spirit Recovery men and women gain hope almost immediately. The environment at New Life is the mixture of love and grace, with an atmosphere that encourages accountability and responsibility. Clients are allowed to engage with God actively, not in a legalistic or rule-oriented matter – but by profoundly encountering the power of redemption. We watch people enter the doors of New Life broken, beaten down, hopeless and filled with shame, and leaving forgiven, restored, ignited with God’s love and on the pathway of a new beginning. New life is not only possible, but guaranteed when the right spiritual, Biblical, healing and life recovery processes are applied.

Our program includes:

  • Christ-centered, professional framework with a redemptive focus
  • Affordable options beginning at $6,800/30 days
  • Intensive one-on-one counseling three times a week with a Master-level degreed, certified counselor
  • A personalized family program with individual and family sessions included
  • In-depth classes that deal with relationships, family system, coping skills and trigger/relapse tendencies
  • Outside groups and churches
  • Co-occurring and wellness program options with intense blood work analysis to determine imbalances and deficiencies
  • Structured, supportive and comfortable guest housing near downtown Huntington Beach, California
  • Intense discharge planning and aftercare options available to assure successful transitions