Our Mission
To educate, equip, treat and deliver Christ-centered solution to struggling addicts and alcoholics and their family members. To take our message and testimony of freedom from addiction though Jesus Christ to the community, church and beyond.

New Life Spirit Recovery was by far the best decision I've made for myself. I was at a place in my life that was so dark, I couldn't even see my own hand . I was without hope!  When I arrived, God used New Life Spirit Recovery to put me back into the light and showed me the way of truth, love and understanding.  New Life Spirit Recovery was like the personification of God's love for humanity.  What NLSR offered was hope and the joy of knowing that through Christ anything is possible. - 2011 Graduate Stephanie  

 Freedom From Addiction, Hope for the Future
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Addictions take on a life of their own. When caught in their downward spiral, it’s often a matter of life and death. Where do Christians and seekers of faith turn to for help in the midst of addiction? The only solution to the ravages of addictive behavior can be found through Jesus Christ.  By understanding the physical, spiritual and emotional nature of addictive behavior and applying a spiritual remedy first, change isn’t just possible, it’s a biblical promise. 
At New Life, our professional approach to drug and alcohol treatment allows us to address the entire person -  including the spiritual, emotional and practical needs of the struggling Christian or seeker. Founded by people with a compassionate heart and profound understanding of addiction recovery from a biblical perspective, this program is developed as a structured oasis of God’s hope, freedom, truth and love.    
Professional and Christian
We've combined authentic Christianity within the framework of a professional, clinical environment so we can offer a program that assures top-notch quality of care without compromising the integrity of God's truth. In addition to our clinical program, we offer comfortable housing for retreat, relaxation and gender-specific bonding and fellowship. 
As powerful as addictions can be, God’s power can overcome them and restore lives to wholeness, peace and purpose.   


Comprehensive and Affordable Intensive Treatment and
Co-Occurring Programs

At New Life, we are committed to a top-notch comprehensive approach, without the high cost. Our programs far exceed the standards by offering a variety of tools to equip men and women for a lifetime of sobriety. This includes a comprehensive assessment process, intensive counseling, workshops, groups, classes, professional development, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and discharge planning. We also treat co-occurring disorders where we address the physiological facets as well as the emotional and spiritual issues of the person.


Christ-centered Program, Not a Christian "Track"

We are a Christian program, not a Christian “track”. This means we teach and counsel from a biblical perspective in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. (Please read "About Us"). We in no way “modify” a humanistic point of view to call ourselves “Christian”.  Being a Christian  doens't mean we need to be perfect. It means we aren't perfect and desperately need the power of grace and redemption to change us from the inside. We know that only He can change the hearts and minds of those afflicted with addiction.

Family-Centered Approach

We understand that the entire family system is negatively affected by the addiction cycle. Clients are taught about relationship and family issues as as part of the core curriculum. Also included in the treatment package is a family workshop program to educate and support family members (available both live and via computer webinar). New Life is a leader of codependence treatment, and also offers a codependent workshop ministry. Click here to learn more

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We offer assurance of the best practices and highest standards. We are a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and approved by the California Alcohol & Drug Programs.



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