About Our Program

Welcome to New Life! We are grateful you are considering our program. We've included the important features of our program so you can understand exactly what's involved. From the moment a client walks through the door, they will be engaged in a clinical program and a spiritual process. They will be immersed in God's truth, as well as practical facets of life and relationships. Here's some important things to know about us.

Christian program within the framework of a professional, clinical setting.
We use biblical truth as the foundation of all we teach. Secular humanistic theories offer very little solution compared with God's truth that leads to true freedom. We stand firm to our commitment to God's Word in all our approaches to addictive behavior, life, relationships, family systems, parenting, etc. However, we also believe we must not ignore nor negate the need to be emotionally healed, and to understand the way our bodies are physically affected by addiction. Click here to learn about the clinical aspects of the program.

Use of an In-depth Counseling Process
At New Life, we believe the most important ingredient in a substance abuse treatment program or codependence program is the counseling process. That’s why we offer three sessions a week with a qualified, professional Christian counselor. Through this approach, clients are able to identify, understand and process both emotional pain and spiritual conflict, keying in on the driving roots of addictive behavior. As humans, we have a body, soul and spirit. The phase of physical detox only deals with the body. Once the drug or alcohol is removed, God is invited in to deal with all spiritual issues as well as all emotional damage. When the original problems that lead to the abuse are properly dealt with, that person has a very good chance of experiencing long-term sobriety.

Our counseling process coincides with the 12-step process, but goes much more in depth and is focused exclusively on the person of Jesus Christ as the Source of all healing. All freedom is found through the power of forgiveness. Besides dealing with painful root issues, the client must also learn new spiritual, emotional and practical skills to live life in a healthy way. Clients are equipped and encouraged in this area as well. Click here to learn about all the clinical aspects of the program.

Co-Occurring Treatment
For those clients that require co-occurring treatment, we work with highly esteemed medical doctors, including a psychiatrist who treats our clients utilizing an in-depth knowledge of the physical side of addiction, chemical imbalances and other mental health-related issues. The doctors we work with are recognized leaders in the industry, but understand the necessity of also addressing spiritual and emotional roots.


Our professional staff is certified and degreed in the field of Christian Drug and alcohol recovery. Our Director, Robert Tucker has both an amazing personal testimony and professional experience and education. He holds a PhD and a handful of other biblical and state-level certifications. He currently serves as the president of the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors. He has an in depth understanding of the psychological, physiological and spiritual issues related to addiction.The Director of the Family & Codependence Programs, Stephanie Tucker, has two books published that are used in recovery groups and other treatment facilities.  All our counselors are qualified through certifications or degrees - our clients feel comfortable knowing they are working with experts in their field.

The Association of Christian Alcohol & Drug Counselor Institute

Clients are exposed to a professional, biblically based counselor certification courses through ACADC Institute, an education provider for state certification and international college. This is intensive education that other people pay to receive, but clients are given as part of the program. Some clients or their family members go on to receive their actual certification. Robert Tucker, our Director, teaches these courses. Click here to learn more.

Family Workshop Program

Family members are encouraged to be a part of the recovery process. In fact, we believe it's necessary. To encourage this, we offer a workshop program for family members the first weekend of the month. This program offers in depth teaching and groups related to addiction and recovery, and how it relates to the overall family system. Family members may also participate in an alumni/client bbq/church service which includes testimonies and baptisms. Click here to learn more.

Codependence & Relationship Programs

NLSR is a leader in the area of Christian Codependence Recovery. Clients are offered portions of the Codependence Workshop Program - a separate program offered at NLSR that emphasizes how to have healthy, whole relationships with others by learning to put God first. Most people have had very difficult relationships, and this material deals specifically with those challenges, both exposing and offering spiritual and practical solutions. For people in the 60 and 90 day program the Codependence Workshop is offered in its entirety. Click here to learn about codependence resources.

Residential Guest Housing

Beautiful guest housing is included. This environment provides safety, accountability and structure, with enough freedom to not feel "caged" in. The majority of our clients thrive and blossom in this supportive atmosphere that fosters an ability to get in touch with emotional and spiritual issues. Near downtown Huntington Beach, the Guest Home is the perfect environment to find serenity. Bible studies and step meetings are also offered in the home. Click here for more information.

Affordable Cost

Our desire is to package the best, most comprehensive and most affordable option available on the Christian Treatment market. We've strived hard to keep our costs as low as possible while at the same time not compromising excellence. The $6800 price is all inclusive (except for meal and personal expenses) for our standard 30 Day treatment program. As you will discover, this cost is considerably less than other facilities who provide a far less comprehensive approach. We often receive calls from people who request services for  no cost or less than our published price. In order for us to maintain our services to be affordable for everyone, we are not able to offer a lower alternative. If you are looking for no-cost options, we can refer you to programs such as Salvation Army and Teen Challenge.  Please call our admission line for assistance.

Other things to consider:

  • Men and women are separated by homes and with separate gender-specific management team - lots of accountability and structure in this environment keeps it positive and safe for everyone
  • Transportation is included for all treatment activities
  • Shopping and other necessary activities are scheduled as needed
  • Transportation to and from our local airport is offered
  • A detoxification service is offered and coordinated in full by NLSR at a separate location. We offer this service at an affordable rate and the transition goes extremely smooth.
  • Co-Occurring / Dual diagnosed Treatment is available. The fee for this service is additional and varies according to each individual's need. These services are not included in the standard treatment package price listed above.
  • Materials and workshops are provided