These are the testimonies of actual clients who recently participated in our program and want to share their personal strength and hope. WE HAVE CHANGED THEIR NAMES TO PROTECT CONFIDENTIALITY. We encourage all alumni or anyone who has experienced deliverance from an addiction to send us your story. E-mail to nlsrnewsletter@gmail.com


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Maybe I should have titled it Prodigal Junkie. That is a harsh term but what else do you call someone who is on constant “look out” for the next opportunity to get drunk/high? Yep, that be a junkie no matter how well you managed your life.
I began experimenting with drugs then drinking at the ages of 11 and 14. At that same time I was in the social struggle to find where and how I fit in with peer groups and what the pecking order would be like for those who were in my circles. I was never taught nor did I seek out how to process emotion and feelings at these times and my only interests seemed to be where I could find confidence, acceptance, and to win.
I had found peace early in life. At 10 I was baptized on an Easter Sunday. I was a peaceful kid full of competitiveness, always with some type of ball or bat in my hand. But as the veils of life began to unfold I was exposed to some of the ugly truths of life’s not so fair side in sports as well as in early relationships I began to fill with pain. Not turning to those who loved me; this was weakness, and not taking it to God in faith that he was the Almighty. I began to find pleasure in chemical “escape” and the excitement of the opposite sex. I began to look forward to the weekend, to sneaking out at night, and truly turned my back on what had been planted in me. I began to run into walls and “stupid people” that were in the way of the goals I had and what I interpreted as “rightly mine”. My mind was now a battle ground of uncontentment, frustration, guilt, and shame.
The patterns formed all through the high school and then early adult years became parts of my character. I carried them into my work, marriage, parenting and all other so-called relationships in my life. I continued to manage my life, manipulate, lie, cover, and make excuses. All the while I was dead inside, angry, frustrated and guilty.
I had managed to pull this off for over 26 years putting my energy into work and sports. I looked successful on the outside, but was on the way to an early grave on the inside. I know that God continued to watch over me if not only for the love and faithfulness of a righteous women and a mother who prayed over me daily.
I would say I was blessed and lucky because I had never received a DUI, though pulled over at least 10-15 times drunk in those years. I have never gone to jail though I had walked through busts, was pulled over with contraband, and had vehicles searched with substance in plain sight. But looking back those situations just empowered me and fed my pride.
 I hit 40 years old and those in my life who truly cared for me said ENOUGH, mainly my wife who has been with me since we were in our teens. I went to a treatment center and cleaned up. I was free from alcohol, mostly, for a few months but I had transferred my addiction or “medication” to cocaine. I began to spiral down quickly. I enrolled in an outpatient program but again this was not the bottom nor what I needed. My wife then asked me to move out. 
For the next 4 months I battled daily with the feelings and emotions as well as the habitual addictions I had created. I did not know it then, but I was not equipped to do what needed done to be free. I had created my own prison, given over to the desires of my heart that were in daily conflict with the truth that had been born in me years ago.
The story of the Prodigal Son is one that most of us have heard at one time, and we understand that the son made a decision to change (repent) and went home and all was forgiven. Well my witness is in this story and the strength of the Word.
My journey was 28 years of walking in the world to please others and to receive accolades, money, acceptance, and a reputation. I even believed I was fulfilled but for that nagging conscience of mine that kept telling me something is not right. I was WITH the pigs (as the story says) but I was having fun and had no realization of what was happening….what was REALLY happening to my soul and spirit.
The Prodigal Son story, for me, does not end with a robe and ring and feast, it is a continuation to that day when I will get to see my Lord. I am sure that once the feast was over the son had to get back to work. He had to earn back respect and even work through any consequences from his choices. I say this because of the “slip up” in my own recovery. It was a consequence of the patterns of emotional processing I had developed. I am in the program but my arrogance began to show through and I was lead, by choice, down the relapse path.
I had never gone more than 45-50 days in my entire life without a drink so when I hit 69 days it was real and it was an accomplishment. My problem was that for a week before I had already used in my heart. Lack of contentment with life (pride), boredom (laziness), and then the separation from the Word opened up my mind to be lead astray. It was still my choice but I was not using my tools or people because I wanted what I wanted. PRAISE GOD the gratification from that one night of use was just not what I expected and was truly a letdown. PRAISE GOD I did not go looking again and fall into full on relapse.
Now, I have used but that does not take away the spiritual recovery and healing I have received. My heart is still where it was healed and I am able to continue to receive healing, and to use the tools given by NLSR and our LORD to avoid the thoughts and work through the habitual patterns that lead to death. You see ,when I finally turned to God over 80 days ago and said “OK, I can’t do this anymore what do you have for me?”, he showed me NLSR and they helped me understand that I needed to get my spiritual ailment treated. My heart needed to begin to heal with God before I could do anything about anything else. This is where NLSR became my “gateway” to a new life. Nothing is ever roses in the real world and this is a work in progress. But to go through recovery with Joy and Peace, to have my family not understand the patience and love they have not ever seen from me, to sit in marriage counseling and really heal the hurts through forgiveness and honesty. Yes, it is work but when there is Joy and Peace, how much “work” is it really!
Through NLSR’s guidance I have found my foundation that I buried under tons of sand. I came home to a Father who, as the story says, saw me from a long way off. He was looking for me and when I came home he did indeed give me a new robe, and a ring. But he also pulled the years of the world from my eyes peeling back veil after veil of lies and deceit. He is creating a new heart in me daily and has set me on the road to a new spirit through my willingness and CHOICE to be with Him daily.

"Christian's" Story

Have you ever felt alone? Abandoned? Worthless? Living with no motivation? It's something that i'm sure that the majority of people today struggle with. Finding means to subdue those feelings, thoughts, and emotions can be strenuous. Physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausting.  I resorted to drugs, alcohol, women, gluttony, isolation, etc. For 11 years addiction ran my life. Or should I say slowed my life and was killing me, literally. I was pronounced basically dead from an overdose at the age of 18, and that STILL didn't stop me from using. It actually got worse after that. You would think for the normal, that it would be a red flag. Waking up in a hospital bed not knowing how you got there. Well it wasn't. There was still something terribly wrong and missing in my life. 

I had accepted Christ when I was around 12 or 13. I was even baptized. I am now convinced that after making that declaration for my faith and belief in Jesus Christ that there was a spiritual battle raging for my soul. Somebody wanted to take me out, for good. I had told myself when I was just getting high for recreation use that I would NEVER try heroin. To me it was like the worst of the worst. Something about the name was just scary and I never wanted to go there. Well I did go there. Again and again. They say it's chasing the dragon, but I believe that the dragon is chasing you. 

Ephesians 6:12 "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." Sounds kind of scary doesn't it? Principalities(hierarchy)? Powers? Rulers of darkness? Spiritual hosts of wickedness? Sounds like something I don't want to mess with. But how cool is it that these things aren't anything compared to the power of Christ?! Now check this out...2 Corinthians 10:3-5 "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but MIGHTY IN GOD for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ." We can all have the strength and power through Christ to make the right choice and to start living the life that God intended for us. 

I definitely was not living that life, but I tell you, I was miserable. I wanted change. I longed for peace in my mind and in my heart. I wanted there to be a day that I could wake up, and just be grateful for what I have. What I have now? Peace in my mind. Knowing that there is hope and joy found in Christ. All you have to do is call out to God. Acts 2:21 "And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved." 

All I can say is, pray, read the bible and try and live your life according to it. I am so thankful that I am living in his grace.

New Life Spirit Recovery is there to open up the eyes of what is unseen. To truly find the problem and to give the only one solution. This place has truly changed my life and I am forever grateful. I even come back to hang out! They must love me...

Keith's Story - Starting Over

On August 19, 1980, I stepped off a plane in America to make what I thought was the biggest change in my life, as I left my native Ireland to begin life anew here.  Little did I know, that today, August 19, 2009, 29 years later to the day, I would truly begin my life again, this time with not only body, but mind and spirit.  What lays behind me now is nothing short of a miracle!

Just over a month ago, my life choices had brought me to my knees.  I have been an alcoholic and addict all my life, and used to the dysfunctional behavior that this would induce in my life.  I came to New Life Spirit with no expectations, yet from day one, expectations were made clear to me.  God had it in mind that when I left there, I would be a totally different person.  Through counseling and classes, I began to realize how far removed I was from God.  I was also to realize that God was never far from me.  Proverbs 19:3 states, "A man's own folly ruins his life, yet his heart rages against the Lord."  I finally recognized that a spiritual battle had been playing itself out in my life.  I knew God, but  I wanted to be in control of myself, my life and everyone around me.  I'd gone through the motions before: gone to church, listened to the Bible, sometimes grudgingly.  I now can't start the day without opening the Bible.  It's words speak to me as if I'd never heard them before!

Pastor Bob, 3Bob and Randal were sign posts, pointing me in the right direction.  Through the [program],  I found the path that God had always intended me to take.  Through New Life Spirit Recovery  I learned new ways to deal with my life on a daily basis and walk with God, something I had never before experienced. Thanks to my involvement with New Life Spiritual Recovery, I walk forth with my head held high.  I know that I am still an alcoholic and an addict, but I have a new, more powerful "fix" than ever, the Word of God!   I am so thankful that though I am not at the Recovery Center in their counsel, I walk forward today with my newly discovered Counselor with me, Jesus.


Larry's Story - The End of The Road

As it was about five years ago much like for most of us I was using very heavily, I had been arrested several times, and was invited to stay at Orange counties best hotel, COUNTY JAIL. At this time I already lost everything that meant anything to me such as my kids, my girlfriend, my house up in the mountains, and most of all the trust of my mother and my father.

As I was down and out in jail a man had told me about a place that he was going to after he got out himself, it was ran by a man (he told me) that would give a person a break IF he was willing to let GOD work in his life. I was released two weeks after my friend, my mom had already spoke to this man and he told my mom to have me call the night I was released.T
hat night came and the person on the other end of the phone answered an I introduced myself and he asked "how can I help you?" He spoke to me as if he had known me for years; right then I felt at ease.

Over the next couple of months I used meth a few times while living at this place, I had got caught by my P.O. and by this man that ran the home, each time I went back to jail for a short stay. I was able to get a few years of clean time under my belt, I did this by going to meetings, getting a sponsor, attending church, and being of services. The important part of going to meetings is WORKING THE STEPS with a sponsor and for me the important part of going to church is being there in body and in mind letting GOD do his part which is healing me from the inside.

After giving my life to GOD my life has been a little less hectic, not to say that I don't have problems , I still do, however the problems I do have are less of a big thing to deal with all by the grace of GOD. By suggestions I started going to class to become a Christian drug and alcohol counselor. This just so happens to be taught by that very same man that had gave me a chance in the first place, Pastor Bob Tucker. I started attending class, after a short time Pastor Tucker asked me if I would like to continue my education by interning at a detox facility. I had told him yes. As of this time, I have received certificates in adult and child CPR, and in a short time I will be receiving my CDAAC which is Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor.  Better than that I will be serving the LORD.


Ron's Story - "I once was lost, but now I’m found"  

It was a Tuesday afternoon and there I was standing outside some strange house on Atlanta. I knew I was losing the battle and soon to become completely lost. I didn’t have a chip on my shoulder, but despite the fact that I knew I couldn’t find my way, I also knew I did not need help. I could do this on my own. I had successfully beaten back drugs, tobacco, and other bad things in my life and I would defeat alcohol in no time at all. I just had to determine that I wanted to quit and I would.
How easily we lie to ourselves and others. At some unknown point, it becomes absolutely effortless and we do it without a care or thought in the world. We hide behind the goodbyes and the hellos of life and never once consider that our friends, family, and loved ones all know the truth….we are in trouble. We just don’t accept the truth about ourselves and here I was trying it again. IT………an interesting concept.
What is “it”? Where is “it”? Do you see “it”; hear “it”; or smell “it” first? How do I get “it”? How will I even know if I get “it”? Pastor Bob knows. 3 Bob knows. Randall knows. They all know. But, I’ve been here before. I don’t need “it”……..what is “it”, again? “It”, all begins with one more round of pain. Did you love your mommy?   What negative things did your daddy do to you?   It took 2-½ weeks but I finally realized what “it” was. “It” was the problem and “it” was me!
How could that be? I’m smart, charming, at least in my own mind. How could I possibly be the problem? Discovering that I cannot control anyone else (I can barely control myself) was a big lesson to learn. Not that, deep down, I didn’t already know the truth. When I finally accepted this premise, it became so much easier to give up and let God do the work. All those little things I perceived to be irritants (rules, Randall’s incessant breathalyzer tests, and homework). They were the building blocks of recovery, given to me by the God of all the universe. 
I came to realize that I could control my lust for numbness through alcohol……with God’s love and guidance. I could stop the denial and the lying……with God’s love and guidance. I could finally be broken and it was a good thing……with God’s love and guidance. I could defeat the demons that had been plaguing me all my life……with God’s love and guidance.
The people in the program come in all shapes and sizes. Everybody is linked by a common bond of addiction but we are all oh so very different. I saw people who made it through successfully and those who didn’t. The truth is, not everyone gets “it”. We must make a free-will choice to allow God to use the Pastor Bob’s and 3 Bob’s of the world to minister to us and mentor us through the defects in our lives so we can get “it”.
Yes, I once was lost, but now I’m found. I’m reminded of the time one of my cars was stolen and the Police found it through the LOJACK system installed in the car. Well, I found my addiction LOJACK and its NLSR. I visit each week (who am I kidding - I need weekly counseling) and am overwhelmed with goodness and joy. I have been found and I was found by the love of God expressed by my brothers and sisters in Huntington Beach at New Life Spirit Recovery.
May you find whatever “it” it is that you need. God will bless your journey and maybe along the way, we’ll pass each other and share a story as we walk in the light of the amazing grace which he prepares for us each and every day.


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Jason's Story - "There is Hope"

Just as I hit rock bottom and I thought there was no hope in my future to get better, I found a place that changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I became addicted to prescription pills, gambling, and whatever else made me feel good inside. I never knew I was running away from things inside. I always just thought that I was getting high just to feel good and that I never had a problem. I thought people never knew that I was using because I though I was playing it off well, since they never said anything to me.  Then one day things were so bad. I lost my job, car, girlfriend, dog, lots of money and friends. I was suicidal. I was always brought up never to take my own life, but I was to the point where nothing mattered.

I have always been the type of person where I would never tell anyone that I had a problem. I would identify the problem and try to fix it myself over and over again until I thought it was gone. Well when it came to the day where I was going to take my own life I had to swallow a little bit of my pride and seek medical attention. I made an appointment to see a psychotherapist. I will never forget this day because I told him everything and at the end of the visit he said that he couldn’t help me. I was like wow I’m so hopeless that a doctor said he can’t even help me.

The doctor said that he couldn’t help me because I was a drug addict with an addictive personality. I never had anyone say that to me so I was like wow I guess I am a drug addict and I need to get help. Well I told my parents and they did not want to help me at first because drug rehabs were averaging $10,000 which there was no way we could afford. Then I keep looking and looking and something told me that these rehabs just don’t work unless God is involved. So I Google’d Christian Drug Rehab and I found this place called New Life Spirit Recovery.

I was born Catholic, but I never got anything out of church. I would go only on Holidays and stand there being put out. My girlfriend was a Christian, but it was like pulling teeth getting me to go to church. I saw people standing there with their hands up and I just thought they were crazy. So coming to a Christian treatment center, I was a little iffy at first. The first two weeks there I was envying the people there because they were just so happy and I was feeling like crap. After time I just wanted to be more and more like them. It seems awesome now that I can worship God and feel like I can over come anything that the enemy put in front of me. I feel better than I could ever remember feeling. Life is so much better now and I am learning to deal with my problems responsibly. I just want to give thanks to God for letting me turn my life over to Him and placing me with such great people to help me learn about Him and His kingdom. Just remember that the Lord promises that all things can be done through him, no matter how you feel, even if you have to fake it at first, God will help you overcome any obstacle. Now I want to help people and it makes me feel better than ever and I know it is making God smile, which is all that matters. Swallow your pride and help yourself so God can help you, trust me brother it will make life enjoyable no matter how you are thinking now.

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"Alex's Story"

When I first got put into the New Life Spirit Recovery program I was very skeptical and narrow minded. I was convinced I didn't have a problem and it was all just fun and games. I came into the office with my head down and a little angry at the world. I went over to the detox house and was just kind of going through the motions hoping to get out soon. The 3rd day in detox I got a Bible study from one of the guys working there and I read it very thoroughly. I let the words speak to me and sink into my heart. I went to my room that night and got on my knees next to my bed and prayed to God for a while. I begged him to open my eyes to see that this is where I'm supposed to be and there is a better life. It was a hard night for me, but through it I began to surrender my life to the will of God. Slowly through that week the Holy Spirit would reveal itself to me through little things, but they meant so much to me. By the time I was ready to go over to the Atlanta House and start treatment I was beginning my transformation from who I was then to who I am now. My first day was a Saturday and on Saturdays we do a traveling Church search, so we were going to Church. Church for me was just something you did on Sunday where you could listen to good music and hangout and hear a message. Whether or not you received anything from the message was entirely up to me, so I thought. It was from that moment on that I realized how much God's word meant to me. From then on out every Church service we attended spoked directly to my heart! It was crazy! Through all the classes, meetings, counseling sessions, and time alone I spent with God, He did a miraculous 180 degree turn in my life. I finally have direction in my life and I feel I'm starting to fulfill God's plan he had for me all along. Advice I can give to anyone who enters this program is this: As close minded as you feel, and as fearful you may be of surrendering your life to Christ, fear not, because you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. Try your best to open your mind and eventually surrender to God's perfect and pleasing will, because he only has in mind what's best for you. God bless!

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 My story begins when I was in the hospital because I had something wrong with my lungs.  While I was in the hospital my parents found some syringes and spoons in my room.  My Dad called up to the hospital told me I was kicked out of the house.  When he told me this my instant reaction was “ok that’s fine” I have been kicked out before and it wasn’t a big deal to me.  But I felt hopeless I thought why am I going through this when I am only 19 years old.  Right when I was thinking this my pastor walked into my room and handed me some information on New Life Spirit Recovery.  I crumbled it up and threw down on the floor.  I thought if there is a God I don’t want to know him.  I kept on thinking of suicide.

My parents did not come up at all to visit me in the hospital.  So I figured I’ll go to this rehab just to get them off my back.  So I left the day after I got out of the hospital.  I got into the treatment house and instantly I wanted to leave.  The people there told me this was normal.  That I should at least try it out, so I did.  I waited to my first one-on-one with Pastor Bob.  Pastor Bob asked me if I would accept Jesus Christ into my heart.  I didn’t even know what this meant so he told me what it meant.  When I answered “yes” he seemed really excited then he said a prayer asking Jesus Christ to enter my heart and my life.  When he finished his prayer I felt like a million pounds were just lifted off my shoulders.
New Life Spirit Recovery helped me understand what I was doing was not just hurting me but hurting God.  My life is so much better now and I know it is because of Jesus Christ.  I finally have peace and joy and even better then that I have my Lord and Savior in my life.  That is better then anything in this world that you can buy.  You can do anything you want through Jesus Christ.  Today is my 43rd day and that is 42 more days then I have ever had.  Thank you so much New Life Spirit Recovery and GOD BLESS. 

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"Linda's" Story                                                                                                                         

When I was asked the question "would you be willing to give your testimony"?  I must admit my first reaction was.....what?  really?  me?  are you sure?

I thought  to myself, how could my story be of any interest to anyone?  I considered the wreckage of my past and the dark places I have been and honestly became filled with fear.  But then, just as I was about to reject the idea,  God began to speak to me.  He told me that it's not just about how things happened or what I have been through, but instead it's about healing and hope and grace.  His amazing grace.
I am one of those individuals that grew up knowing of God's love.  I was raised in the church, memorizing bible verses, singing Sunday-school songs and learning that God's love is for everyone who will accept it.  For all of which I will be eternally grateful.  My role models were God fearing parents who never strayed from their devotion to Christ.  So why then did my life veer off into what eventually became my own personal hell?  Why did I turn to substances when I was hurting, rather than turning to my God?  Why did I chose to destroy my life and the lives of the people I loved?  Why did I allow the voice of the evil one to penetrate my very soul,  instead of calling out to the Holy Spirit who was patiently waiting for my cry for help?  These are questions I still reflect upon daily.  Some of which I may never entirely have the answers to.  But now, I am at a place of certainty that I do need to be the one with all the answers.  

I firmly believe that my addiction began long before I ever picked up my first drink.  I was searching to fill a void, an emptiness that seemed to be growing deep inside.  I was unable to see that my need to be perfect on the outside was making me feel so much "less than" on the inside.   I was  never taught that it was okay to be angry.  I never saw any strong emotion exhibited outwardly by my loved ones whatsoever,  so I learned to "stuff" everything.   I felt it was my responsibility to look happy and whole, like I had it all together, when all the while I was aching below the surface.  I learned to  believe that it was my responsibility to be  held accountable for others expectations of me, regardless of how laughty. Needless to say,  I became cynical at a very young age.  I believed that if I could not meet up to the hopes and dreams of others, that God would stop loving me or even forget about me.  My insidious desire  and need to please others created no place for the real me to be seen or heard.  My feelings & beliefs weren't the same as my parents and didn't always run parallel to what my church leaders were preaching.  So,  I played the "everything's wonderful" actress role,  in the tiny, yet always visible,  bubble of idealism, that others had created for me.  To outsiders looking in,  I was about as perfect as a girl could be.  

So when my drinking began, it was a quick romance.  I didn't realize it at the time, but in the end it would take me to depths unimaginable.  What started as "partying" and  just taking a brief escape from reality, eventually became the reality from which I could not escape.  I drank to have fun, I drank to relax.  I drank to feel and  I drank not to feel so much.  I drank in celebration.  I drank in desperation.  I drank because you hurt me.  And I drank because I wanted you to hurt too.  I drank because it gave me courage.  I drank to get the upper hand.  I drank because I just couldn't stand anymore, and then I drank so you would pick me up.  I drank over broken relationships and because of the ones I broke.   I drank because no one understood and I drank because I couldn't explain it to them.  I drank to live and  I drank because I didn't want to live any more.   I drank at Satan and  I cursed Satan.  And then one day,  I drank at God!

So the gift is that I am still here.....living, breathing proof that my Lord and Savior is forgiving, merciful and full of grace.  He brought me to a place where healing could finally begin.  Jesus has and is doing for me what I could and would not do for myself. 

I entered New Life Spirit Recovery in the latter months of 2008,  and  "One thing" I have learned is that there are no coincidences in life.  God truly has a perfect plan for each and every one of His children.   Bringing me to a safe, Christ centered recovery home was in His plan for me all along.  I am learning that with each day comes a new sense of hope and serenity.   

Christ has promised that if we seek His face fully, He will be there always.  What a blessing to truly know that my holy Father is in control.  The truths of God's word, so faithfully planted in me long ago,  are now my own personal refuge and strong-hold.  And it is only by His word that I must rely to mainstay my life.  It's not a bed of roses, as we all know, but there are sure a lot less thorns along life's path when I surrender to my maker.  I am sober today,  by the grace of a loving God. 

I now wear a ring on my left hand, a gift from my earthly father, which reads  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..." Philippians 4:13 ....What an awesome promise....What an awesome God.....

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"Shelly's" Story

Growing up I went to church every Sunday and accepted the Lord into my heart at a very young age.  I loved the Lord and had a relationship with Him, but as I got older a gap began to form. I started to live according to my will, not His. I really started to feel like a "loser" and got to a place where I was living a double life.  On one hand, I was a wife, mother and "involved" church person. But on the other hand, I was an alcoholic and addict. 
I kept praying for the strength to stop my destructive ways, but the Lord wanted me at a place of surrender and I hadn’t quite reached that place yet. 
After all my attempts of trying to get things right on my own, I finally was ready to submit everything to my Heavenly Father.  After that act of submission the Lord revealed Himself to me in ways I had never experienced before.  The confidence, peace and love I have today as a result is amazing.  For the first time in my life I totally understand my identity in Christ. I now love the person God has made me to be.
Recently, I began to co-lead a Celebrate Recovery group. It is a true blessing being able to help others.

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Amy's Story
When I saw a friend who suffered from addiction with the ”glow of God” on her because she found herself in Christ, I knew I wanted what she had. It was at that point I become ready to start down the path of finding a true relationship with Christ as well. 


Finding New Life Spirit Recovery was a complete blessing. I had been using drugs and alcohol for more than 10 years, and got hooked on my drug of choice about five years before. My parents tried everything to get me away from that terrible drug. They tried rehab, college (which I surprisingly graduated from, even while using), and again two more rehabs. Finally, my parents had enough and after I was living in a sober living and messed up once again, they told me they would get me help once again, but this would be the final time.
We spent one week looking at different rehabs. My parents didn’t know much about drug rehabs, but they knew that if I was going to get sober they had to get me out of the small town I had lived in all my life, besides the years I spent in college. We came upon New Life Spirit accidently online. We had pretty much decided on one rehab that I wasn’t thrilled about but I agreed to, because I didn’t want my parents to have to deal with me anymore. The afternoon before we were to go to that rehab my mom came upon a website for New Life Spirit. I will never forget when she looked at the website and asked me, “Haven’t you always wanted to find God?”
I looked at the website and knew it was the place for me. I always considered myself Christian, even though I had seldom gone to church and didn’t have a relationship with the Lord. I hardly knew anything about Jesus, never read the bible, and certainly did not live a life God would want me to live. The first day in treatment I felt completely out of place. The people that were already in the treatment were very nice, but I didn’t know them and I still wasn’t feeling too great after my detox. For the next few days I couldn’t eat or sleep. Thankfully, I had a counseling session with Pastor Bob. Crying to him I explained what I was going through and he told me that I should pray to God that He would help me sleep, help me to feel better. This idea was so foreign to me, that I almost laughed.. But I figured I had nothing to lose, so that night I prayed to God, possibly harder than I have ever prayed had before. Almost instantly I fell into a deep sleep. The next day I felt much better. It was then that I realized I had no doubt that God truly existed, and that Jesus was my savior and was watching out for me. It was at that moment that I was saved and gave my entire heart to the Lord
I stayed in treatment for two months. Most people chose to stay for only 30 days. I had done 30 day treatment programs before and since I never stayed sober after I completed these rehabs my parents thought it would be better for me to stay for two months. I think the two months helped me in feeling secure about my sobriety, but really it was giving my life to the Lord and forgiveness that really help me get sober.
I had graduated college about a year before I came to treatment, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life after I got sober. I began to pray about it and God began to show me a new path to walk down. I felt like he was telling me to become a Christian drug and alcohol counselor. Once he showed me this I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t thought of it before. For the first time in my life I honestly felt like God had shown me my calling. He also began to open doors for me. Soon after I realized what I wanted to do in my life, Pastor Bob and Stephanie offered me a live in internship working in their detox facility. After a few nights of prayer I accepted the position gratefully.  
On January 1, 2009 I will have 8 months sober. That is about 7 months and three weeks more than I have ever had before. I have great friends who love me for who I am, a job where I can help people who are in the same dark place I was only a short time ago, and a peace in my heart that I have never experienced before. I have family that support me more than I could ever imagine, and I have the knowledge that they are proud of me and no longer have to worry about where I am and if I am okay. Today I handle the trials God gives me with a clear mind and open heart, and I know that it is only because of Him that I am still alive and have a life I can be truly happy with.



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