Family & Codependence Resources

At New Life, we understand that everyone is affected by addiction, thus the family needs to be involved in the process of true healing. Our goal is to offer the family members an understanding of addiction, as well as provide valuable resources to allow them to participate in recovery in a healthy way. We've incorporated a family workshop in order to facilitate the process of education in this regard. We also teach clients their own participation in the family system. They can learn to understand the roles God has called them into, how those roles have broken down and how God desires to restore them. 

In everything we teach about the family system in crisis, our desire is never to blame, but to orchestrate an environment that can lead to a pathway of healing and reconciliation within the family system. In fact, the family is at the center of God's heart, and thus it must be at the center of our program as well.

When the addict has the been the emphasis of the problems in the family, the other members can often become extremely hurt and exhausted by their behavior. In treatment, the addict is covered by support and care, but the family member is asked to deal with those issues sometimes with little support. We care immensely about the needs of those family members. That's why we offer a specific codependence professional treatment program for  those that would benefit. We also offer free codependence workshops (Christian Al-anon) to those that would benefit. If you are unsure of the label of "codependence", you can rest assure that we don't want to make you wear it. In truth, everyone has these attributes, but they become increasingly common in the family system where addiction is present. We are here to help and give family members the opportunity to experience the same gift of recovery as their family member in who needs or is currently receiving recovery. But the only "label" we want to offer you is that of a precious child of God.