Association of Christian Alcohol & Drug Counselors Institute College of Addiction Studies  


  The CDAAC Certified Drug, Alcohol & Addictions Counselor Requirements:  

  Anyone who wishes to earn a CDAAC Credential may begin the ACADC Institute's 59 Module program at any time, even before completion of the CSAC I Entrance Inventory.  The registration only fee is $395.  The complete professional (CA state approved) CDAAC program of 58 courses is $2995 which includes the registrastion, CSAC-l and CSAC-ll fee.  The courses are ongoing (always cycling) so students can start at any time.  Call 866-543-3361 to register or fill out the registration form on this website and bring it to class or mail it to:  ACADC Institute – Huntington Beach, 18652 Florida Street, Suite 200, Huntington Beach, CA  92648 with a check or money order made payable to ACADC Institute.  

Completion of CSAC I & II is required for being awarded the CDAAC Credential.

  • Successful completion of 155 hours of course training related to AOD counseling or Christian ministry must be completed before the awarding of the CDAAC Credential.
  • Transfer credit can be granted on the basis of courses reflected in sealed transcripts received from other educational institutions.  Please fill out a registration for a transcript review, $30 transcript review fee applies.
  • A CDAAC can also be granted in the following ways:
  1. Through training through a school or church approved by ACADC that fulfills the 155 hour requirement of training.
  2. Through completing a degree program meeting the 155 hour training requirement in an area of counseling or education pertaining to AOD and related counseling or ministry of life changing principles.

In all methods of training, in order to receive the CA State endorsed professional CDAAC Certification, the RAS exam must be taken, and 2080 hours of field experience with 160 of those hours being under direct supervision must be accomplished.

The student may register by printing out a copy of our registration form and mailing it with a Check or money order for $395 to ACADC – Huntington Beach, 18652 Florida Street, Suite 200, Huntington Beach, CA  92648.


The 3 levels and 4 kinds of Professional Certifications:


  • The CDAAC I-S   (S) is the state endorsed certification that requires not only the 155 hours of training, but 2080 hours of field experience, 160 hours of direct supervision and the successful passing of the Registered Addiction Specialist exam.
  • The CDAAC I-P   (P) does not require the field experience, direct supervision or the Registered Addiction Specialist exam.  It only requires the ACADC Institute CDAAC training program.


  • The CDAAC II has a prerequisite of the CDAAC I plus a total of 350 hours of training.


  • This MDAAC is a Master Level Certification that requires the CDAAC Il plus a Master Degree in AOD Counseling or a written and published project that addresses a TAP 21 counselor competency from a biblical perspective. 


Core Curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction to Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Counseling

Module 2: Alcoholism

Module 3:  Physiology and Pharmacology

Module 4:  Addiction Intervention

Module 5:  Overcoming the Bondage of Shame

Module 6:  Family Systems

Module 7:  Assessment & Evaluation

Module 8:  Counseling Theories and Practice

Module 9:  Anger Management

Module 10:  Group Skills

Module 11:  Co-Occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis)

Module 12:  Understanding the Elderly

Module 13:  Domestic Violence

Module 14:  God and Government

Module 15:  Mental Health & Psychiatric Counseling

Module 16:  Counseling with Prisoners & Parolees

Module 17:  Prayer & Counseling in Breaking the Power of Addictions (Prayer Clinic)

Module 18:  Codependency

Module 19:  Law, Ethics, and Morality

Module 20:  Non-Substance Addictions

Module 21:  Rejection and the Wounded Heart

Module 22:  Crisis, Trauma and PTSD Counseling

Module 23:  Aptitude & Spiritual Gifts

Module 24:  12 Step / 8 Beatitude Therapy

Module 25:  Discerning Spiritual Conditions & Spiritual Intervention

Module 26:  Communication Skills

Module 27:  Suicide Intervention

Module 28:  Operating Recovery Programs

Module 29:   Bonding, Relationships and Intimacy

Module 30:  Premarital Counseling

Module 31:  Divorce & Separation

Module 32:  Personal Finances

Module 33:  Parenting

Module 34:  Gender Differences

Module 35:  Inferiority and Self-worth

Module 36: Overcoming Attachment Disorders

Module 37:  Marriage & Family Counseling

Module 38: The Art of Submission

Module 39:  Mid-Life Crises

Module 40:  HIV / AIDS and Sexually Transmitted and Communicable Diseases

Module 41:  Multicultural Counseling

Module 42:  Regulations for the training and practice of Substance Abuse Counselors

Module 43:  Alternative Lifestyles

Module 44: Evangelism and Authentic Salvation

Module 45: Documentation and Case Management

Module 46:  The Art of Surrender

Module 47:  Life Principles I:  Intimacy with God & Practicing His Presence

Module 48:  Life Principles II:  Obedience, Trust & Faith

Module 49:  Life Principles III:  Law of Reaping & Sowing

Module 50:  Life Principles IV: The Dark Moments of Life

Module 52:  Life Principles V:  God's Responsibility & Our Responsibility  

Module 53:  Life Principles VI:  Humility & Brokenness

Module 54:  The Art of Repentance I:  Dangerous Belief Systems & Practices

Module 55:  The Art of Repentance II:  Pruning Deceptive Thinking & Turning to Truth

Module 56:  The Art of Repentance III:  Dropping Bitterness & Practicing Forgiveness

Module 57:  The Art of Repentance IV:  Authority

Module 58:  The Art of Repentance V:  Pride & Humility

Module 59:  The Art of Repentance VI:  Freedom from Bondage

Module 60:  The Art of Repentance VII:  Freedom from Generational & Family Sin

Module 61: Living in the Sufficiency of God’s Word

Module 62:  Avoiding the Therapeutic Pitfalls of the Modern Clinician I

Module 63:  Avoiding the Therapeutic Pitfalls of the Modern Clinician II

Module 64:  Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Growth 


The following modules adds 295 hours of advanced training and will bring your training hours up to over the 450 hours required for the ACADC advanced professional certification CDAAC II and meets all state training requirements.

Module 1:  Counselors Survey of the Old TestamentAssignment:  Read the 39 books of the Old Testiment; Exam:  List all scriptures of each book that apply to counseling and write them out.

Module 2:  Counselors Survey of the New Testament  - Assignment:  Read the 27 books of the New Testiment; Exam:  List all scriptures of each book that apply to counseling and write them out.

Module 3: Counselors Survey of Psalms - Assignment:  Read all 150 Psalms;  Exam:  List all scriptures found in each Psalm that apply to counseling and write them out.

Module 4:  Counselors Survey of Proverbs - Assignment:  Read all 31 Proverbs; List all scriptures that apply to counseling and write them out.

Module 5:  The Secular and Biblical Worldviews of Counselor Competency - Assignment:  Read Technical Assistance Publication (TAP) 21; Read the 123 Counselor Competencies and Develop major headings that you feel would reflect the Biblical Model of Counseling.

Module 6:  Clinical Practicum - Counseling in the Holy Spirit

Module 7:  Philosophical Thought leading to Faith Based Counselor Competencies and TAP 21 Counselor Competencies:  Where they meet, where they diverge, and the spirit behind them

Module 8:  Secular Guidelines of Counseling Competencies:  The following courses fulfill the TAP 21 AND TAP 21A requirements for state certification and may be fulfilled by completion of the following textbooks to be read in preparation for the State Exam: CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY COUNSELING by Robert Perkinson, ADDICTION COUNSELOR COMPETENCIES by Michael Breining, and THE COUNSELOR SUPERVISOR by Michael Breining.  The following topics found in the textbooks listed above will also prepare the student for the final Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) exam: History of the Field of Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Counseling,  Modalities of Treatment, Mental and Emotional Health & Development, Denial, Prevention, Intervention and Education, The Politics of Professionalism, Legal Issues, Social Model Concept of Addiction, Disease Model Concept of Addiction, Withdrawal and Detoxification, Fetal Alcohol and Drug Syndromes, Treating Smoking Addiction, Treating Eating Disorders, Treating Compulsive Gambling, Treating Sexual Addictions, Role/Responsibility of the Counselor, Adolescent Counseling, Personal Growth, Professional Growth, Relapse, Prevention, and coming back, Counselor Burn-out, Impaired Counselor Issues, The DSM-IV, Advanced Issues in Case Management, Twelve Core Functions, Written Case Presentation, The Emerging Field of Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Counseling.





  • The MDAAC requires the CDAAC Il or equivalent and a Masters Degree.  To apply for the MDAAC call (714) 841.1906