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New Life Spirit Recovery and Spirit of Life Recovery support the emotional and spiritual needs of our community, churches and beyond by offering a variety of outreach events and training opportunities.

From the Directors

As we look into another year, we pray that God has ordained new beginning filled with His hope and promises. So often we get stuck in cycles and patterns that seem impossible to change. Even as we venture and try to change, without an inner  healing and renewing of our minds, we by default will return to habitual patterns. Substance addiction is only one way we can have faulty and unhealthy behaviors. We can also struggle in relationships, workaholism, anxiety, perfectionism, finances, etc.

Whatever you are trying to change, our prayer is that above anything else, you would understand the power source created to bring you to wholeness. And that you would get in touch with the One who has the capability to heal us from the inside, not merely change our outward behaviors. The blood of Jesus Christ does not require the latest advances in medical science to legitimize its capabability. It was already purchased on our behalf and made available to us right now. And not only that, it is complete and totally able to deal with any part of us that is broken. 

Have a new adventure this year trusting in God with your heart, your mind, your soul and spirit. HE IS ENOUGH!

Grace and blessings, 

Dr. Robert and Stephanie Tucker
Directors of New Life Spirit Recovery

The Power to Change

Did you ever find it frustrating that despite your best efforts, change is difficult, and sometimes seemingly impossible to attain? New Year's resolutions quickly fall short as our true desires and ideals quickly become another pile of unmet self-expectations. So why do we fail? Is it self-discipline that we lack? If we struggle with addiction, should we have the will power to just stop?

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