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The Story of New Life Spirit Recovery

Dr. Robert Tucker, founder and Director of New Life Spirit Recovery, struggled with addiction for most of his early adulthood. He was in and out of rehabs, with a continually and perpetual pattern of relapse. Robert, while a successful building contractor, experienced devastating losses as a result of his choices and behaviors.It took years of failure before he was captivated by God and released from the horrors and affliction that had consumed most of his life. However, his experience wasn't just a "zap", but a process of being taken out of denial and into a truth-finding process of recognizing the countless lies and wounds that had sabotaged his heart and mind. He met a God who didn't just want to "clean him up' or change his behavior, but a God that was powerful enough to change him from the inside-out.  Not only were the old  unhealthy patterns removed, but God equipped Robert with new tools - healthy forms of coping and new ways to deal with life based on God's truth and the power of the Holy Spirit.

With new-found freedom came a recognition of what he had been exposed to through treatment programs, and how he desired to offer others the same gift he himself had received. For years Robert studied in the field of professional addiction counseling and eventually earned a PhD. He began a private counseling practice while operating a sober living facility. The progress he was able to witness for those who participated in an intensive counseling process versus those who didn't was astounding. People that were given the tools to deal with rooted issues experienced true and lasting freedom. Those that didn't have that same opportunity were far more susceptible to chronic and continual relapse. That's because as important as groups, recovery meetings and structured housing were, the spirit-led counseling process is where the major transformation took place.  It gave the opportunity to personalize and expose those deeper-rooted issues like no other venue could provide. 

Despite all the professional options on the market, Robert felt there weren't any that offered intensive one-on-one guidance at the core of the program along with Christ-centered groups, classes, prayer, bible studies, etc.  Thus came the birth of New Life Spirit Recovery. 10 years later, New Life Spirit Recovery has prospered into an oasis of  healing and hope for hundreds and hundreds of men and women. It is not an ordinary program. The environment at New Life is the mixture of love and grace, with an atmosphere that encourages accountability and responsibility. Here men and women engage with God actively, not in a "legalistic or rule-oriented matter - but by profoundly encountering the power or redemption. We watch people enter the doors of New Life broken, beaten down, hopeless and filled with shame, and leaving forgiven, restored, ignited with God's love and on the pathway of a new beginning. But don't take our word for it, read the real stories of those who have walked through our doors!


When I was at NLSR  I read the Bible for the first time.  I read Ephesians 3:20-.  “God is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine.” In my journal I wrote down the following:

• I can’t imagine being able to communicate my feelings
• I can’t imagine being healthy emotionally
• I can’t imagine being able to set healthy boundaries and discipline my kids effectively
• I can’t imagine restoring my relationship with my husband and….
 I can’t imagine being released from anxiety without alcohol or medication
During my stay at the rehab, I went through a lot of counseling. But in this setting, I didn’t have the busyness, the insanity of my life that easily keep one from feeling.  Here I was faced with my past hurts and anger and resentment.  I started opening up the first time over past violations I had experienced, unmet needs, my relationship with my mom, my marriage etc. The motto was you have to feel to heal.  
Through the process of surrender I found that God CAN do immeasurably more than I have asked or imagined. It’s hard to even believe I was at such a low place. My marriage is better than I can have imagined and I can see bringing God into our house is having a positive impact on the kids.”  - NLSR "real" client

The program changed my life. I had been spiraling downward for a number of years and without realizing it, drifting away from my relationship with Christ. I was trying to BE IN CHARGE. The counseling I received put Christ squarely back in the center of my existence. My substance abuse was a small side affect of what was really going on and by the work we did at NL, I left no longer needing or wanting that crutch ever again. The Lord has been fully in charge of my life since. Although there are rocky times, I know my Rock handles all. God bless you all for all you did for me and my family! - NLSR "real" client

I feel like the one on one counseling and being in an environment of accountability helped me process my issues with my life and with the Lord and it also showed me I didn't NEED alcohol as I had previously believed.  - NLSR "real" client

I arrived at NLSR, not knowing much about the recovery program, I was drinking very heavily almost to death. I didn't understand that I was actually trying to drink myself to death on purpose.  After a short time I arrived at NLSR, I have learned tremendously about healing. What I needed was spiritual healing. I've learned what it is to be in recovery not just the program for addicts.  Now I'm living in recovery and in freedom, and now I have spiritual power from the Lord that I've never had before. I've also learned what spiritual warfare really is and how real it is. I've learned how to rely on the Holy Spirit  & now I don't have to fight in my own power.  I want to thank everyone in NLSR for my recovery, and giving me the tools for me and also for me to help others in recovery.  - NLSR "real" client

Prior to coming to NLSR I had knowledge of the Lord but relied upon my self.  When life got too difficult I turned to alcohol and left the Lord and spiral down quickly. Thanks to NLSR, I now have a relationship with the Lord and depend on Him solely. Pastor Bob said in our recovery in temptation that the Lord will always provide way out.  I know this to be true because one of my weak moments I had no cash and didn't want to charge the alcohol so there wouldn't be a record of the purchase, it gave me time long enough to think and remembered Pastor Bob's words, and this was my out, I left the store without the alcohol. - NLSR "real" client

I was looking for comfort  and security in different things, but end of the day it can only be found in Jesus Christ, and New Life Spirit Recovery redirected me to Him.  - NLSR "real" client

I came to NLSR because I was completely surrender to the fact that I couldn't manage myself with alcohol, I was dying.  Before I went to NLSR I was destined to death or jail, and was about to lose my children, my girlfriend and everything.  When I got to  NLSR, the staff's testimonies gained my trust. I was not saved and did not have relationship with Jesus when I came to NLSR, but when I've got  there I got saved and sober.  Receiving forgiveness by the Lord, I found the new hope, which has given me a new life.  I came back home & started to go to church, and developed a relationship with the Lord,, was in the Word, and began to feel whole. Two years to the date after leaving NLSR, I went to Israel with my Pastor.  I'm now married to the girlfriend, and very happy and being blessed by the Lord. Without the Lord we wouldn't have been married and I would have lost everything.  She is now also saved, we have beautiful life together. - NLSR "real" client

I went to two other programs before NLSR, but did not help me because they weren't Christian programs. One on one counseling with pastor Bob, and whole program was more personal and they led me to more deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. I have a  new baby and my wife and I are happier then ever before. - NLSR "real" client

I've been going through recovery since I was 25 and now I am 59,  5 different programs, but this is only one that had Jesus in it and now I am clean and sober.  Getting baptized was not something you expected at treatment facility, When I got baptized I felt fresh and a new, everything was completely new.  Now I'm close to Jesus, my family, and my friends than ever before. Before I was taking over 20 pills a day and drinking and lot of blackouts, everything was so numb, I never knew how messed up I was. I'm grateful to Lord Jesus and NLSR for setting me free.  - NLSR "real" client

New Life Spirit Recovery was by far best decisions I've made for myself.  I was in a place in my life was so dark, I couldn't even see my own hand. When I arrived God used  NLSR  to put me  back in to light and showed me the way of truth, love and understanding.  New Life Spirit Recovery was like embodiment and personification of God's love for humanity.  What NLSR offered was hope, and joy of knowing that through Christ anything is possible.   - NLSR "real" client

I owe my sobriety to NLSR and to Jesus.  I didn't know Jesus when I came to program, I'm now believer in Jesus and also mentor to struggling addicts. - NLSR "real" client

I love New Life Spirit Recovery, I have been many places recovery before, NLSR just clicked with me. I knew Jesus but did not have a relationship with Him. He is the exact reason I'm sober today.  I'm connected with church now.  - NLSR "real" client

From the day my son sent me "that email" (December 27, 2011) the obsession to use was removed. I did not stop using then but I knew I was done. My  heart had been entered upon by the Holy Spirit. One month later I ended up in a detox in Las Vegas for four days and somehow I drove myself down to NLSR. You must understand that I did none of this. My Creator was the force behind it all. I remained at NLSR for 28 days and did not miss one class/counseling appointment. I celebrated one year clean and sober yesterday and all I can say is this,  He is a God of second, third, and fourth, fifth chances and He does work miracles. Thank you Jesus for what you did for us on the Cross.  - NLSR Client